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weird things about my world:
been normal is overrated|
music is the only one who understands|
people are like dolls, you can play with them but in the end you always play alone|
been crazy is creative|
mad scientists are hot|
somedays i feel like an alien|
fantasy world is real - we're just on a wrong plannet|
world is ugly, evil and fucked up - and they ask you: why you live in your own world?|
if i don't know you - i hate you - unless you prove me wrong|
if it's dark & twisted, it's interesting|
i love dark,gloomy&suffered characters|
i always wanted to marry grim reaper|
i still hope i could grow wings and fly|
i love my dreamworld|
i don't listen music 'cause it's good - i listen to it to give my emotions a sound, that's why if you ask my fav band, i don't know what to tell you|
when it rains, im smiling 'cause i love rain|
im like a wind, never gonna settle down and never give up my freedom|
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In This Moment live album 2014 fucking awesome!


He’s so fucking frustrated

me playing alice on PC…

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don’t ever get initimdated by messaging people on tumblr behind that blog is someone with a bad posture and crumbs all over their lap laughing at a picture of a horse in pyjamas

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PAINkiller|| turned 1 today!


Physicist Arie Van’t Riet became an artist when he started experimenting with X-Ray photography. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

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Can’t you see? Every step I have taken, since I was that child on the bridge, has been to bring myself closer to you.

Just rewatched this yesterday and i realized she actually fell in love with this man when she was like 9 and he must´ve been over his twenties and as he keeps getting older she spents her whole life loving this man, even during the war working in that god for saken place, still?! I just don´t get it… I know it must´ve been true love etc but c´mon, could this be more pedofile? And how old is that guy in the end? And if she wanted him, why couldn´t Mameha but her with him in the first place instead of that badass Nobu-san who clearly was not for her… But no, she fucks with old ugly as hell men, loves a man who´s 30 yrs older than she is… Good. Good for her… Beautiful movie but this lovestory here blows big time…

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